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About Us

Our Frozen Pops

Flavors that your taste buds will love. Ingredients that you can pronounce. We are committed to serving you the finest pops without all the junk. For us, organic is not just a buzz word, its a passion. Each of our flavors are crafted using a small set of delicious ingredients: local fruits and berries, freshly pressed juices, filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic chocolate, and farm fresh cream. Beyond that, we have excluded many additives normally found in pops like artificial flavors and colorings. Our pops are also free of preservatives and gumming agents. Best of all, they are naturally gluten free!  By sourcing local fruits, we keep your treats close to home, and because of our dedication to quality ingredients, you can indulge without worry! We take a lot of pride in our pops and we hope you do too!

Our Cafe

In 2017, we opened our flagship store in the beautiful Beechmont neighborhood or Louisville, Kentucky. Located on the corner of the historic Southern Parkway and Woodlawn Avenue, we took an antiquated pump station and turned it in to a popsicle shop. What was once an important feature of the Louisville Parkway system has been reimagined for your enjoyment and the good of the community. We are excited to see this neighborhood thrive and we are excited to be a part of it. Our cafe is the perfect place to stop for dessert or even your morning coffee. Inside, you will find a bright cafe, smiling faces and of course, delicious pops.  Around here, we love the seasons. The vivid color of fall and brilliant abundance of spring. Our popsicles too, are always changing. So check our blog for the newest flavors or just come see us! We look forward to serving you.